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Private chat with LoveLake - Gipsy Card Reading and Tarot Reading in Belgium online. 10-15 years of practice in Tarot Reading. Welcome to my page! I will try my best to be on here as much as I am able to. As a card reader since a young age of 12-13, highly intuitive and mainly reading with the classic Lenormand cards combined with classic tarot to provide high clarity to the questions people bring to me. I started with family and friends. With confidence, I still read for them till this day. I will do my best to provide you with the clarity you need and prepare you for the possible outcome with a time frame. These are some questions I can help with: Does he/she love me? How does he/she feels about me? Will he/she (re)start a relationship with me? Will he/she propose/marry me? When will I hear from him/her? When will I get that job? Is he/she cheating? Will I change/find a new job? Will I do well on my studies? Will I relocate? When will I relocate? I also do general readings about every aspect in your life or I can do a reading without question and I provide messages for you. I tell you what is coming in the near future as well as in the far future. I do time frames up to 5 years for major things in life. After 5 years, I can only see major events in life that will happen. I give time frames as near as a few hours to many months up to years, depending on what you ask, I am gonna be honest. Out of experience, in Oranum and outside Oranum, my cards don't lie :) I type very fast / read very quickly. Don't need info and no connection needed prior to a reading. I do ask during readings your name or who ever you are asking about. This gives structure during the readings. Please contact me if you truly need a reading. I do not give readings in free chat, no yes/no questions or any questions that requires me to read into the question to provide an answer. Readings are for privates - I have to be fair towards everybody. At times I am not online, please feel free to have an e-mail reading from me. I will answer your question and provide a time frame if this is a part of your question. I recommend AngelFul1982. She is an amazing psychic and a friend of mine. Thanks! Love and light! ♥ LoveLake Flo UK | 2014 Lovelake is amazing! Definitely go to private with her, she is very accurate and knows everything without me telling her. Predictions also come true. angela SUTHERLAND | 2014 she is so fast and gets little details soooo right without prompting one specific detail from last reading came thru exactly like she said wow and she is sweet UK | 2014 I am so happy with every reading she has given me, even when she tells me the bad stuff because I know it's the truth and accurate. Predictions come true too! Adiz QLD | 2014 OMG yay! shes always soooooo caring and soooo sweeettt! her readings always come true :) im sooo glad Princess Tiana_x › LoveLake Oct,2014 Hello! I just want to let you know that you are simply amazing! You're predictions have manifested just as you said. I am now married to John! When we did the reading I couldn't believe that you said that despite the way John was acting he would still go through with the wedding but.. Here I am on this day a married woman! Now we shall see about the children! :) xoxo Mssienna1 › LoveLake Oct 13, 2014 Lovelake, you mentioned about the turnaround in 8 days, and boy you were right... everytime you were spot on and always accurate.. thank you for letting me know on whats to come. your time frame is amazing, and predictions did came true on the date that you have given me! xx Mssienna1 › LoveLake Oct14 ,2014 Love, i received the rest of it ( u know what it is), you said i would this week, i checked it and it was there.. unexpected as you described it. so i am here to say that your prediction did came true again within your time frame. gosh you are amazing.. we'll see the rest of it.. :) i'll keep you posted xxx ♥♥♥*** I do powerful candle blessings/healings for my clients once a month. Please give me your name during private so I can add you to the list. ***♥♥♥

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